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2 months ago

New announcements

Dear hackers,

Hope you are all having fun building your solutions :) In the meantime, here are some announcements relevant to the hackathon.

  1. We are giving access to DevRev Circle, a community of Developer entrepreneurs, to all the participants. Access to Circle will give you additional privileges to watch our DevRev Learn videos around AI and talks with some VCs and other developer entrepreneurs. You should be getting a welcome email soon! :D
  2. We are extending the hackathon submissions to March 31. Why? To give you more time to build your solutions. And don't worry, we won't leave you alone until March - we will host a bunch of mini challenges/events where you can also win some additional prizes!
  3. Finally, based on the demand and the feedback we have received from the community so far we have decided to open source the solution for the hackathon after the winners have been picked. We will either pick the winning solution from a submission or build out the project based on the best of the best and then continue to fully fund the project going forward.

Should you have any other questions regarding the new updates or hackathon in general please contact us or post your questions on Discord.

Happy hacking :)

DevRev Team